Dakota Rhodes

Dakota Rhodes is a 23 year old singer/songwriter. She started playing guitar when she was 12 and at 13 singing quickly became her new passion. Dakota has performed at various events singing to as few as 30 people, up to crowds of 5,000. Only taking lessons for a short period of time, it inspired her start creating her own material.

With over 350,000 subscribers and 21 Million views on YouTube, Dakota plays various instruments including the guitar and piano, which has landed her a sponsorship with Ernie Ball and is part of Keyser musical products Next 40 Artists! Her cover of 'You're Still The One' got the attention of Shania Twain and has reached over 1.3 Million streams on Spotify. She also co-produces her own music. Growing up listening to music like Paramore, Taylor Swift, and young Against the Current, has helped create her distinctive sound.

Her new single "Comfortable Silence" shows the importance of not being labeled as just another singer, but someone who has the drive, passion and enthusiasm it takes to be a great artist.